I am Jennifer, a forty-something chef/wife/Mom living in Dallas, Texas. I have been cooking professionally for 24 years and have been food-obsessed my entire life! I work part-time as a private chef and full-time as Director of Operations for my family. I spend many hours a week grocery shopping, cooking, reading about food, and now…writing about food! This blog was born out of my desire to get organized and document the recipes I create for clients, family and friends.  What better way to do that then start this blog and share with the world!

I tend to be somewhat health-conscious, as I truly believe that “you are what you eat”.  Becoming a mother has intensified and expanded that belief.   I strive to use the purest, freshest ingredients–no artificial colors or flavorings here!  I buy organic whenever possible and cook with the seasons.  My young son is on the Autism spectrum and is gluten intolerant, so many of my recipes use gluten-free flours.

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3 comments on “About

  1. I am excited for you! This is a great idea! I love your food writing!

  2. Meg Robinson says:

    Hi Jennifer! It’s Meg [Roerick] now Robinson who used to work for J.A. Sounds like you’re doing well. Love your blog!

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